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Our Values

  • Quality: We define data quality by accuracy, timeliness and referenceability, and combine both people and software in order to maximise quality.

  • Accessible: We price our data in order to make it as easy as possible for you to get started using it. Through our partnership with Quandl you can obtain our data in any format you need it, and by using the tools that you are most comfortable using.

  • Essential: We provide you the data that you need, and welcome ongoing dialogue with you in order to ensure that we build a database that is increasingly valuable to you.


Sharadar is an independent research and analytics firm founded in 2013. Sharadar specializes in extraction, standardization and organization of financial data from company filings. We combine people, software and rigorous review processes to generate accurate, professional grade data for professional investors and analysts.

Vincent Paver is Sharadar's principal data curator. You can email Vincent directly with any questions or comments, and subscribe to our mailing list for updates.